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Our Mission

We help children with all types of learning challenges related to speech and language. We are dedicated to helping children become more successful in their home and school settings by empowering them to reach their full educational and social potential.

The Key to Success

The participation of the parent in the learning cycle is essential to the success of the child. When the adult learns along with the child, the concepts taught in our therapy sessions can be reinforced at home and the child is much more likely to make significant progress.

Children and parents who qualify for service with RiteCare of Utah are paired with a therapist for weekly sessions. During each session, the therapist will offer practical suggestions for parents to use. This approach provides the parents with the tools to assist their child during their every day activities. This partnership is the foundation for successful learning.

Our Program

RiteCare of Utah was founded in 1992 by Scottish Rite Masons. For more than 20 years, we have helped children become more effective communicators. It’s our mission to provide comprehensive speech and language therapy to children who are struggling to communicate.

The Department of Education estimates that approximately eight percent of Utah students have some form of speech or language delay. This means that tens of thousands of children across the state are in need of help. Speech and language delay, if left untreated, can have a significant effect on a child’s educational progress and social development. This often leads to rule breaking behavior and lower graduation rates.

RiteCare is uniquely able to help those students who may otherwise go untreated.